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Prepare yourself for Flood Season!

4/10/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Prepare yourself for Flood Season! Flood in Shrewsbury home.

When your Shrewsbury home has water damage from flooding or leaks, SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough has the expertise and equipment to properly restore your property. The water removal and water cleanup process is completed step by step by our highly trained technicians. The entire drying process is documented to meet SERVPRO’s high standards and yours. In the end, the documentation validates that your property has been thoroughly dried. At SERVPRO we strive for excellence in our work and customer service. The following steps ensure our service.

  • Step 1 –Establish the emergency contact
  • Step 2 – Inspection and Water Damage Assessment
  • Step 3 – Water Removal / Water Extraction
  • Step 4 – Drying and Dehumidification
  • Step 5 – Cleaning and Sanitizing
  • Step 6 – Restoration

SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough will restore your home or business to pre-water damage condition. At SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough we can also help with repairs and rebuild. Call us today! (508)757-7885.

Are you Prepared?

3/20/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Are you Prepared? SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough is here to help!

In Westborough we do not often encounter a lot of storms, however, when we do SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough wants you to be prepared. Being ready is the key to keep you and your family safe from the elements. The tips listed below will help you be ready for whatever mother nature sends our way.

  • Check your local weather for storm updates
  • Have flashlights handy and plenty of batteries
  • Keep your cell phone well charged
  • Stay away from glass doors and windows, strong winds can shatter glass
  • Store anything that may blow away
  • Have plenty of bottled water and dry food on hand
  • Keeping trees and shrubs trimmed will make them less wind resistant
  • Avoid showering or taking a bath during a storm
  • Avoid using electricity

If you need restoration services the process begins when you call SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough. Our experienced team will guide you through the entire restoration process. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough is available 24/7 for all your emergency restoration needs. Please call us at 508-757-7885.

Hazardous Waste Filled Flood Damage During Seasonal Downpours in Grafton

2/5/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Hazardous Waste Filled Flood Damage During Seasonal Downpours in Grafton Flooding can cause a great deal of damage very quickly. Luckily SERVPRO's response team is standing by to dry out your property after a disaster.

SERVPRO Remediates Flooding in Your Home That Stems From Many Sources

More often today in the news all over the country we read reports of “once in a century” rainfalls and catastrophic flash floods. Our area is no exception to this phenomenon, and residents find themselves coping with unexpected quantities of water in basements and lower levels. The answer to the crisis of flash flooding in Grafton is a reliable and experienced water removal and remediation company. 
The late summer into fall defines the hurricane season on the east coast, including storms inland around Grafton that bring torrential rains and flood damage. The highly developed central Massachusetts area struggles with adequate drainage when many inches of rain fall in a short time. Local sewer systems are unable to handle the vast amount of water runoff, causing residents to find excess water inside their homes. We monitor the potential for flooding in our community and are ready to answer with constructive action fast when you call. 
A serious problem arises if sewage backs up into your home, a consequence to the glut of water racing across pavements and into the city’s drainage system. SERVPRO and our technicians are certified to respond to and appropriately manage the dirty water rising in the depths of your home. Standing water inside your home is categorized from clean to slightly contaminated, or gray, all the way to severely compromised, or black. When sewage pushes back into your home, the water must be considered black, potentially containing bloodborne pathogens, dangerous chemicals, and other hazardous materials including dead animals and human urine and feces. 
SERVPRO technicians receive advanced training in the safe collection and disposal of gray and black water. Clad in personal protective gear, our crews use powerful pumping and extraction equipment to remove the dirty mix of rainwater and sewage, contain it, and dispose of it properly. 
Care must be taken after the majority of the tainted water is gone to sanitize the flooded area and then dry it thoroughly. If personal belongings, carpeting, or furnishings were soaked with the toxic moisture, SERVPRO employees help you determine what can withstand effective antimicrobial treatments and what must be discarded because of the risk of harm to health or safety. 
Flash flood damage can be overwhelming. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough can help sort through your options and provide high-quality remediation services. Our staff awaits your call at (508)757-7885. 
For more information regarding Grafton, click here

Flood Damage can Happen to Homes in Shrewsbury by Several Means

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Flood Damage can Happen to Homes in Shrewsbury by Several Means Flooding from any source can be devastating. Contact the technicians at SERVPRO to quickly remediate the damage.

Our Technicians Arrive Quickly, Equipped to Get the Storm Damage Under Control

Flooding in a home can bring up visions of invading water from nearby streams and lakes, but additional origins exist other than overflowing bodies of water. SERVPRO technicians have the knowledge and training to restore residences impacted by any flooding situation. 
Shrewsbury homes with flood damage need to be repaired as soon as possible after the event. Experience has repeatedly proven that time is against homeowners in regards to damages a house suffers, and this is why we are always Faster To Any Size Disaster. 
Trees are notorious for creating large openings in the roof they land on, allowing rainwater to enter. Residents who believe the weather is likely to remain constant might leave windows open for airflow and the nice breeze expected. When torrential rainfall mixes with heavy, powerful winds, large amounts of water can be blown in through those windows, creating a highly surprising homecoming. 
When we encounter a tree which has broken through a roof, we know that rainfall saturates into every material it encounters as gravity pulls it down. During its downward path, absorbent materials can become saturated and then retain this moisture for extended periods. Secondary water damage such as mold and water stains can result if the current situation is not evaluated and mitigated correctly. Tarping the area to ensure that no further unwanted rain, pests, or vermin can enter is carried out immediately after removal of the tree. 
Windows can suffer damage internally when left open during a storm. As the rain comes in, instead of being repelled by the exterior window frame, it splashes over, creating the potential for rust, warping, and sagging to develop. Until correct repair of this situation happens, your home's security is less than it should be, plus rain can continue to create additional damage. 
Standing water must also be removed quickly, so extraction tools and equipment are necessary. Additional procedures follow the extraction of water by portable, handheld equipment, including heat, increased circulation of the air, and dehumidification. Odor management also follows, because water, no matter how clean, often produces unpleasant scents that can seem to linger on for months without proper treatment. 
Our technicians are provided with extensive training, resulting in the awarding of IICRC certificates. Experience in both large and small jobs provide the hands-on experiences needed to build the skills that make us equally proud and competent. All materials, both building and those that comprise the personal belongings your family treasures, can be handled expertly by our technicians as they restore your home. 
Call us, the experienced and caring technicians from SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough at (508) 757-7885. We are ready to answer your call no matter when you call us. 

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Local Flood Damage from Storms and Failures Cause Water Damage

7/5/2018 (Permalink)

SERVPRO Works Fast to Remove Storm Water to Preserve the Integrity of Your Property

The word flood causes people to think of thunderstorms and bursting levees. Most of the restoration costs come from smaller water sources, however. 

Much of the flood damage that SERVPRO finds within and nearly everywhere else results from failing plumbing and broken appliances. In winter months, poorly insulated pipes can freeze and burst, flooding basements, attics and other areas of the home.

Year-round, lines get blocked and rupture, old plumbing corrodes and fails as do clothing and dishwashers. While all this may seem like a small amount, a burst water pipe can send 160 gallons across a kitchen floor per hour. If this happens when a family is out for the weekend, they can come back to find over 5,700 gallons (36 hours) has flooded their entire home. Typically, this is clean water, which is not the case with intruding ground water from a storm.

To put things right; our response team starts with two tasks: an inspection to determine the extent of the flooding while technicians set up the first pump to begin removing the flood water. A quick check with a tape measure tells us the depth; if it is over two inches, we start a commercial grade pump to drain the water.

As this happens, a team inspector checks the other areas of the house to see how much water is present and if there is ancillary damage such as water in the electrical outlets. It is not a regular occurrence, but it can happen in basements or split-level homes. More common are flooded carpets, walls, ceilings, and floors with possible damage to other structural property. 

Once we finish with the pumps, the next steps are to remove water trapped in the carpets and floors and to dry or replace damaged drywall. We use extractor wands to draw water out of carpets and wood floors without damaging the nape or surface. In most cases, we throw out the carpet pad, as it is too expensive to dry out something that cheaply can be replaced. Once again, if surging water from the exterior transported debris, the contaminated padding must be tossed.

To prevent removing drywall, we try to dry it in place if it is not too soaked. SERVPRO IICRC trained technicians set up dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air, install exhaust fans to pull damp air out of the affected rooms, and place air movers along the affected panels to force heated, dry air across the surfaces to carefully lower the moisture content. We may also drill small holes into the baseboard area and close to the ceiling joints to increase air flow and the rate of evaporation. This further mitigates the loss.

These are just a few of the actions we take to return your home to its normal, pre-flood state, "Like it never even happened." If you need our help to dry out your home and property, call SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough today at (508) 393-7898. We are here for you.

A Solution to Flood Damage In Grafton

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage A Solution to Flood Damage In Grafton Grafton Flood Damage and the Solution—SERVPRO

Too Much Water? Call SERVPRO to Resolve Damage from Flooding

Flooding on your property creates a unique situation for restoration technicians each and every time. Technicians often complete jobs in very different ways, even though providing you with a safe, clean environment remains as an ending goal. 
If your Grafton area home receives flood damage after a common household accident involving a broken appliance, sewage line, drainage problems, broken fixtures, or even a natural disaster, each of these situations requires special attention and certified professionals to get the job done right. 
You need someone, like SERVPRO that follows specific health and safety protocols set by the EPA and OSHA while communicating issues to your insurance company and providing you with the services necessary for getting everything back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible. 
After SERVPRO technicians locate and repair the water source causing the issue, we direct our attention to utilizing the latest water extraction equipment available in our industry. Tools such as hand-held and truck mounted water extractors make it possible to remove water from areas of all shapes and sizes. With submersible pumps used for areas where water exceeds two inches in depth. 
We remove as much water as possible, making the entire drying process, using air movers and dehumidifiers even faster. SERVPRO removes any saturated materials that are beyond restoration and communicate any losses to all parties concerned throughout the entire process. 
Your situation may call for some repairs, where technicians find it necessary to enter walls, under cabinetry, and other hard to reach areas where water can hide. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians manage the entire situation, making it possible for you to avoid spending hours on the phone scheduling different contractors or specialists adding to the stress of the situation. 
As each stage of your restoration finishes, cleaning and deodorization technicians make their way through to ensure your home returns to a quality pre-damage condition. Locating a recovery company you trust gives you access to technicians who care about your situation and provide you with solutions you can count on to recover quickly. 
Give SERVPRO of Shrewsbery / Westborough a call when water makes its way into your home, obtain the services you deserve and get the information you need to come out on top. (508) 757-7885

Avoiding the Danger Zones after Flood Damage in Northborough Homes

6/13/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Avoiding the Danger Zones after Flood Damage in Northborough Homes Heed flood warnings before a storm. After the storm, call SERVPRO quickly to remediate!

Safety is Key after Storm Damage

Every year, hundreds of Northborough homes are hit by flood damage. It might be caused by a particularly heavy storm or by a preventable incident like a leak in the roof. Either way, it can be disastrous if not handled correctly. At SERVPRO, our top priority is carrying out repairs fast, so that we can get your property back to a livable condition. 

However, there are often dangers associated with flood damage in Northborough homes. When electrics and water mix, for example, affected areas become hazards and special measures are needed to neutralize them. This is why flood damage restoration should only be carried out by professionals. 

The SERVPRO mobile app is a great way to make sure you can always get in touch our team of technicians, no matter what your emergency or when you need them. This guide to danger hotspots, after a flood, will give you some information on how to safe until they arrive. 


Whether your home has an electric fireplace or a full furnace, be cautious around it if flood water has intruded into the room. Generally, you only need to worry if the flooding is severe. Water and electrical components may mix and make the area dangerous. 

Alternatively, in the case of open fires, storm damage could clog the chimney and force carbon monoxide into the room. If you are not sure whether a chimney has been compromised, leave the room until the SERVPRO technicians arrive on site. 

HVAC System 

Extensive flood damage can also wreak havoc with HVAC units. We strongly recommend that you allow our team to inspect the system for faults. The burner units, gas connections, wiring, and fans all need to be checked for hazards. Damaged electrical wiring can very easily start fires and cause even more damage. At the very least, your HVAC unit must be fully dried out before you can use it again. 

The Fridge 

If you have had to leave your home, due to flood warnings, don’t tamper with the fridge when you return. Gray and black water contains bacteria and has the potential to contaminate food items. It may also spread toxic substances to walls, floors, and ceilings. Professional restoration experts are trained to deal with hazardous water classifications, and they can remove it while wearing protective clothing. If asked to stay outside the affected area, for your own safety, it is important that you do so. 

As already mentioned, we have developed an innovative mobile app, which allows homeowners to get in touch with emergency repair teams at the click of a button. This means that SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough can now arrive onsite and start restoration work even faster. Download the app or call us 24/7 at (508)757-7885.

Crawlspaces can Harbor Microbes after Flood Damage has Affected Your Grafton Home

6/12/2018 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Crawlspaces can Harbor Microbes after Flood Damage has Affected Your Grafton Home Prevent a potential mold infestation by calling SERVPRO to thoroughly dry your house after flooding.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Dry Your Property after Damage

Water from flooding can continue to cause problems if all areas of your home are not returned to a dry condition. Often overlooked, or considered unimportant, SERVPRO knows that the crawlspace area is a potential area that often is the source of mold growths, bacterial colonies, and other possible risks. 

Grafton homes that have existing or past flood damage should have any crawlspaces examined for signs of problems. These areas are often used to house water pipes, gas lines, and heating and cooling system vents.

Increased moisture can cause accelerated rusting of metal pipes and vents. If microbes such as mold are present in the crawlspace, air intake of your ventilation system can also bring them into your living space. Other pathogens such as viruses and bacteria can travel the same way. 

SERVPRO technicians certified by the IICRC in ASD, or Applied Structural Drying, can install the necessary dehumidifiers, air blowers, and heaters, even in smaller crawlspaces, to rapidly reduce the amount of humidity. We do this work in addition to the typical flood damage restoration carried out after flood damage exists. Without it, our job would not be complete. 

Because crawlspaces are the lowest part of your home, excluding any basement or cellar areas, and they are also located on the exterior part of your home, flood damage on the crawlspace's interior can be extensive. Smaller animals, sewage, fluids from vehicles, and garbage are often washed in by the flood and then left behind, trapped by the walls. We remove this debris when we find it, so your crawlspace is once again as it should be, dry, and also clean. 

To keep it dry and less likely to allow mold and bacteria to grow, we can install a dehumidifier, lay down plastic protective sheeting to keep humidity from seeping up from the ground, and paint a mold inhibitor on the crawlspace's interior. 

We at SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough are always ready to bring your home back to how it should be after a flood or any other disaster. We can be reached any day of the week, day or night, by calling (508) 757-7885.