Water Damage Photo Gallery

Local Water Damage to a Shrewsbury Garage

As you can see in the picture above water spots have been creating due to a small faulty pipe leak. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough got in to re-mediate all the water damage that was caused, first step is to dry out all the affected area which allows any mold growth spores to diminish. After the mediation we cut out all the ceiling and instillation affected with water spots, rebuild came in to finish and make the garage look brand new. Any water damage needs to be re-mediated call the professionals at (508) 757-7885.

Buckling Hardwood From Water Damage

Water damage isn’t always visible. The picture above shows hard wood floor buckling due to excess water getting under the floor boards and causing the wood to shift. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough set up dehumidifiers and air blowers to get all the excess moisture out of the air, and took out all the buckling wood flooring to have it replaced. SERVPRO can fix any water damage big or small call us today (508) 757-7885.

Home Gym in Need of Help

This picture is of a home gym flooded with water from a faulty pipe leak from the master bathroom above. The best way to re-mediate water damages like this is to stop the source of damage, follow through with suctioning out all standing water. Next you will want to expose the rug by lifting it up, and placing an air mover to have proper air circulation to dry out the rug. After that is set up you should put down dehumidifiers to dry the air and get rid of any extra moisture. SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough is clean and professional with all remediation services. Call us today (508) 757-7885.

Water Damaged home in shrewsbury

The broken toilet tank left a large puddle of uncontaminated water in the bathroom and part of the master bedroom. We removed the damaged carpet and dried out the concrete sub floor before new laminated flooring could be installed to the owner’s satisfaction. If your home is ever having any water damage issues, don’t be afraid to call us at (508)757-7885.

Water Damage Equipment

At SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough we are prepared for residential and commercial water damage. Our facility is stocked with air movers to dry out water from damaged areas. The air movers blow low to the ground at very high speeds, which forces water to quickly evaporate from carpets and floors.

Water Damage – Shrewsbury home

Water damage manifested itself at this Shrewsbury home when the PVC pipe in the photo cracked. Over time water accumulated from the cracked pipe onto the outdoor ceiling. It eventually collapsed from the weight of the water.

Water Removal In a Shrewsbury Living Room

The open windows in this room allowed a driving storm to flood the floor with standing water. The homeowner called us immediately, and we suctioned up the pooling water (1 inch high) and placed dehumidifiers to capture the remaining moisture that was circulated by the powerful air movers. Our WRT, Water Damage Restoration Techs, got the job done and the happy homeowner was pleased that he did not have to replace his wood flooring. Rely on SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Grafton by calling (508) 393-7898