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Grafton Flood Damage from Storms and Failures Cause Water Damage

7/8/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Grafton Flood Damage from Storms and Failures Cause Water Damage Storm Flooded Carpets and Homes in Grafton Call Upon SERVPRO for Help

SERVPRO Works Fast to Remove Storm Water to Preserve the Integrity of Your Grafton Property

The word flood causes people to think of thunderstorms and bursting levees. Most of the restoration costs come from smaller water sources, however.

Much of the flood damage that SERVPRO finds within Grafton and nearly everywhere else results from failing plumbing and broken appliances. In winter months, poorly insulated pipes can freeze and burst, flooding basements, attics and other areas of the home.

Year-round, lines get blocked and rupture, old plumbing corrodes and fails as do clothing and dishwashers. While all this may seem like a small amount, a burst water pipe can send 160 gallons across a kitchen floor per hour. If this happens when a family is out for the weekend, they can come back to find over 5,700 gallons (36 hours) has flooded their entire home. Typically, this is clean water, which is not the case with intruding ground water from a storm.

To put things right; our response team starts with two tasks: an inspection to determine the extent of the flooding while technicians set up the first pump to begin removing the flood water. A quick check with a tape measure tells us the depth; if it is over two inches, we start a commercial grade pump to drain the water.

As this happens, a team inspector checks the other areas of the house to see how much water is present and if there is ancillary damage such as water in the electrical outlets. It is not a regular occurrence, but it can happen in basements or split-level homes. More common are flooded carpets, walls, ceilings, and floors with possible damage to other structural property.

Once we finish with the pumps, the next steps are to remove water trapped in the carpets and floors and to dry or replace damaged drywall. We use extractor wands to draw water out of carpets and wood floors without damaging the nape or surface. In most cases, we throw out the carpet pad, as it is too expensive to dry out something that cheaply can be replaced. Once again, if surging water from the exterior transported debris, the contaminated padding must be tossed.

To prevent removing drywall, we try to dry it in place if it is not too soaked. SERVPRO IICRC trained technicians set up dehumidifiers to remove moisture from the air, install exhaust fans to pull damp air out of the affected rooms, and place air movers along the affected panels to force heated, dry air across the surfaces to carefully lower the moisture content. We may also drill small holes into the baseboard area and close to the ceiling joints to increase air flow and the rate of evaporation. This further mitigates the loss.

These are just a few of the actions we take to return your home to its normal, pre-flood state, "Like it never even happened." If you need our help to dry out your home and property, call SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough today at (508) 393-7898. We are here for you.

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Request Mold Damage Remediation Services to Protect Your Grafton Area Restaurant Today

6/30/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Request Mold Damage Remediation Services to Protect Your Grafton Area Restaurant Today Don't let your cozy restaurant lose its charm as the smell of mold permeates the air. Contact SERVPRO and we will take care of mold and the smell.

SERVPRO Technicians Arrive to Your Business Location Quickly to Begin Remediation Efforts

Even a small amount of mold in your restaurant can lead to huge problems. If the odor does not drive your customers away, the view definitely can. What you need is an experienced specialist with advanced training and equipment to get the job done right.
Fast-growing fungus or commercial mold damage growing in your Grafton area restaurant can produce some downright destructive results. It can start anywhere in your building and lead to significant problems and eventually cause you to close your doors for good. However, you can get help the help you need to prevent any of this happening, protect your business and your customers in one fell swoop.
SERVPRO stops mold in its tracks, using containment methods, quality equipment, and years of experience to get mold growth under control. You just need to make the call to get the help you need. It does not take much for mold to get out of control, so, never hesitate to get help immediately.
Most of the time, if you can see mold, a larger problem lies hidden underneath. Stains on your walls, patches in the ceiling of your bathroom, an odor emanating from somewhere unknown all lead to mold problems that have the potential to cause health problems for your workers and customers alike. When it comes to dealing with mold, your best bet is to play things safe.
SERVPRO technicians cover ventilation system vents to help limit spreading airborne mold spores throughout your establishment. We help prevent mold problems that occur in one of your storage rooms from spreading into your dining or cooking areas by using industrial-grade mold remediation equipment, cleaning and sanitization methods to control any contaminated areas.
SERVPRO often works after hours to ensure a timely and less intrusive process to our customers. With 24/7 emergency services, we make getting the services you deserve easier and get mold conditions under control in the fastest, most efficient way possible.
Contact SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough for additional information about our services or to request help, today. We are waiting for your call. (508) 393-7898

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Qualified Water Removal Services Available In The Grafton Area

6/8/2017 (Permalink)

Water Damage Qualified Water Removal Services Available In The Grafton Area Call SERVPRO to Professionally Mitigate Water Damage to Your Grafton Property

Take No Chances, Call in SERVPRO for Water Damage Cleanup and Restoration

Having a flood of any type occur on your property can leave behind overwhelming amounts of damage. Everything in your home that comes into contact with water requires special handling that you may need help with for cleanup.

Water removal services are key to restoring your Grafton area property after leaks or flooding; they often help eliminate a variety of secondary damages that develop over time. You might not understand it, but ignoring it is totally out of the question. Do yourself a favor, locate a qualified restoration company to help get things under control.
Small floods with less than 2-inches of water in any location of your home often have a pretty basic solution. SERVPRO technicians enter your home, assess the damages, explain their services. If their tests show that the water does not contain contaminants of any kind, they bring in a variety of portable extraction equipment and remove water from your home safely. More or less a straight forward job that may or may not lead to repairs, painting, or general construction work in your home. Drying out all wetted materials is crucial to controlling any need for replacement.
Large area floods often bring dirt and muck along for the ride, leaving large amounts of unknown waste throughout your home. These types of flooding incidents may not allow such an easy, simple solution. SERVPRO technicians run into more contaminants, biohazards, and safety issues with this kind of flood. Safe and secure services with specifically trained personnel accomplish the task. However, once they have taken care of the contamination, the restoration continues just like any smaller job would.
The amount and type of water exposure you experience in your home have a severe impact on the results you receive. However, SERVPRO technicians have years of experience performing water removal services, obtain IICRC industry certifications, and have access to the equipment and resources necessary to handle any size job that occurs on your property.
SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough can respond to your call for help, anytime, day or night. With 24-hour emergency services and expertly trained technicians, you could not receive a more qualified solution. (508) 383-7898

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What Is Black Mold and How Does It Grow In Your Shrewsbury Home?

5/24/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation What Is Black Mold and How Does It Grow In Your Shrewsbury Home? Dampness, Moisture, and Leaks Can Cause Mold Growth Needing Remediation for your Shrewsbury Property

Mold Remediation and Removal of Spores Are Crucial

Black mold, though it has an unwarranted reputation, is something that should concern every homeowner. Black mold causes damage to your home and belongings and can even cause health effects. That is why SERVPRO recommends all homeowners in the Worcester County be vigilant about fungal growth in their homes and give us a call at the first sign of trouble.
The question is, what is black mold? Mold refers to fungi that grow in thread-like structures called hyphae. Mold also releases small spores into the air. These can be inhaled and can also travel to other rooms, thus increasing the risk of mold damage in your Shrewsbury home.
Mold needs several things to grow:
•Darkness or Lack of Strong Light
•A food source
Wood, cotton, and drywall backing are all good food sources (cellulose) which mean that if the other conditions are present, mold can feed on those materials in your home and colonies begin to grow. Moisture is easy to find in a home. Leaks and floods provide moisture, but there are also plenty of common damp sources including wet laundry, water from faucets or tubs, and condensation. Water buildup around your foundation or in your basement also helps provide an ideal growing ground.
The right conditions mean the fungus can grow and cause mold damage in your home. Luckily our trained professional are on hand 24 hours a day to help you deal with it.
SERVPRO teams are fully trained to carry out mold remediation and containment. Our technicians are IICRC (Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification) certified, and we follow their S520 mold remediation standard. Our AMRT team members also adhere strictly to guidelines laid out by the EPA (Environmental Protection Agency).
Our experts work to contain as much mold at the source as possible by establishing containment and by using negative air machines to vent contaminated air from your home. We have a range of cleaning protocols and use whichever method is best suited to your situation, be that scrubbing, wet wiping with powerful detergent, or using HEPA vacuums to vacuum up loose mold.
We also train our people to dry out the area using dehumidifiers and air blowers to make it less friendly for mold and reduce the chance of a resurgence. Then we can spray or fog anti-fungal agents to reduce the chances of future mold infestations.
Do not let mold invade your home. Call SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough at (508) 393-7898 today for help. For information on the area:

How Can UV Technology Be Used to Repair Fire Damage in Grafton Homes?

5/16/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage How Can UV Technology Be Used to Repair Fire Damage in Grafton Homes? Don't let smoke odors linger long after the fire has been put out. Call SERVPRO right after damage to make sure that your home smells good again.

SERVPRO Technicians Have Many Methods at Their Disposal When It Comes to Smoke Damage Remediation

When a fire breaks out in a residential building, it does not usually burn for long. In most cases, help arrives quickly and neutralizes the danger. Fort this reason, the most common challenge associated with fire damage repair is not burnt items. It is the lingering, acrid odors which hang around after the flames are out.

At SERVPRO, we use a broad variety of techniques to eliminate these smells. Deodorization is the most important because it introduces odor fighting chemicals to the affected environment. Crucially, they get dispersed throughout the space in a very specific way. We call this ‘recreating the odor conditions, ’ and it is a big part of repairing fire damage in Grafton.

In some cases, UV lamps and detection equipment is brought on site to aid with the deodorization process.

External Deodorization

When it comes to large areas and whole rooms, the usual strategy is to deodorize the entire space. SERVPRO sets up ozone generators and leaves them running to fill the smoky room with odor-killing, neutralizing, masking, or pairing chemicals.

Sometimes, we use dry and wet foggers to distribute the substances in a ‘mist’ like form. It ensures that they are small enough to penetrate porous materials like wood and fabrics. This is important because, if the particles are too large, they get trapped at the surface.

UV technology becomes useful during the later stages when we are trying to target the remaining pockets of odor. They may, for example, be inside cupboards, crawlspaces, or crevices. UV lights, in some cases, are a helpful way to find evidence of these odor trails.

Internal Deodorization

In the event that external techniques are not sufficient, SERVPRO may temporarily pull the carpet back. As it is such a large piece of porous fabric, it has the potential to hold lots of odor particles. Often, it makes sense to lift it up, expose the padding, and extract any sections of subflooring which smell bad.

Following this, the technicians clean both sides of the carpet, seal the base floor to neutralize lingering odors, and replace the old padding with new material. Depending on the severity of the fire and the extent of the smoke damage, we may suggest a comprehensive steam clean for the carpet afterward.

At SERVPRO of Shrewsbury/Westborough, we have access to cutting-edge equipment and technology. If you need help ridding your home of stubborn smoke odors, just get in touch with our team. Call us 24/7 at (508) 393-7898.

Keeping Water Damage Away from Your Costume Shop in Grafton

5/5/2017 (Permalink)

Commercial Keeping Water Damage Away from Your Costume Shop in Grafton SERVPRO Can Restore Your Water Damaged Costume Shop in Grafton

Commercial Losses from Leaks and Damaging Water Accumulations Can Be Mitigated by SERVPRO

Water damage in your costume shop can be a devastating event. It can be expensive to get it cleaned up but also slows down or even closes your business operations for a time. Whether you are sending employees home during the cleanup, managing the distraction, or losing records and equipment, water damage inevitably causes a big hit to your business. There are some things you can do to help you prevent water damage from occurring you should know. However, if an emergency still arises, SERVPRO can extract the water, clean up the mess, and restore your shop efficiently and promptly.
The Usual Problems
Figuring out where water can originate goes a long way in preventing water damage to your Grafton business. Some possible water sources to check out include:
Common sources of water damage include air conditioner units, water heaters, clothes washers, refrigerators, and dishwashers. The age of these devices is a big factor. Over time, for example, appliances which make condensation can rust, increasing chances for a leak. Water supply hoses can develop leaks as well. Hundreds of gallons of water can flow, creating significant damage to your building and the property inside. Waterlogged costumes can become a financial hardship. When this happens, SERVPRO can help you salvage much of the items inside, besides drying out your business and repairing the damage. Off-site cleaning in Esporta Industrial Washing Machines can salvage inventory.
Drains and Pipes
Your plumbing system can become clogged, leading to appliances that overflow such as sinks, toilets, and washing machines. Kitchen sinks can have grease buildup, while the accumulation of lint in dryers and roots in sewer lines are other reasons for clogs. Pipes can also freeze in the wintertime, burst, and damage your building and the property inside. A 1/8-inch crack can flood your property with up to two hundred fifty gallons of water per day.
Missing, deteriorated, or damaged materials on your roof and ice dams let water enter through your roof and damage walls, ceilings, and floors. Attic ventilation and insulation which is insufficient speeds up the decay of the roof, contributing ice dams forming. Exposure to snow, wind, rain, ice and foot traffic also affects the ability of the roof to keep water out. Many factors can contribute to closing your doors to your clients and customers.
Regular maintenance of these areas in your building can help prevent water damage. If you still experience a water emergency, SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough is fully capable of fixing the problem, drying your business out and salvaging any property possible. We do it all with care and regard for you as the business owner, and we are available anytime you need us, day or night when you call us at (508) 393-7898.

How SERVPRO Sees Mold Clearly in Shrewsbury

4/17/2017 (Permalink)

Mold Remediation How SERVPRO Sees Mold Clearly in Shrewsbury Mold can be visible or hidden. Let the trained technicians at SERVPRO investigate so that you are not facing an infestation.

High-Tech Tools Assist with Our Mold Investigation Process

You may have identified mold growth in your home, but many questions invariably remain as to its exact location, spread, severity, strain, and a host of other factors. Mold can grow back to full size from just a tiny remaining patch, so it is imperative that we fully stamp out the colony in your home in one try. Thus, we are equipped with the same expensive, high-end technology found at SERVPRO locations nationwide. Thermal cameras, moisture sensors, and specialized air analysis equipment help us to understand the exact extent of mold in your home, and root it out accordingly.
Thermal Cameras
Most types of mold damage in Shrewsbury are caused by mold species that emit heat - heat that can be detected by the right equipment. Our special hand-held sensors can peer behind walls and into dark corners to see where mold is growing, and where we need to focus our efforts. These sensors also often allow us to measure critical readings like humidity that can promote faster mold growth.
Moisture Sensors
Where there's mold, there's moisture, so much of our detection process revolves around finding that moisture. Moisture detectors allow us to detect water in hard-to-see locations, even in minuscule amounts. SERVPRO is fully certified to handle any extra water damage problems found in this process, so you do not have to worry about arranging for additional restorations should we find severe damage.
Air Samples
Sometimes, especially when dealing with certain dangerous types of mold that may cause health effects, our technicians may take samples of the air. Depending on the specific situation, these may be evaluated on-site, at our facility, or at a laboratory to determine air composition and help us to understand better what mold we are fighting in your home.
SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough carries high-tech equipment to make sure the mold is gone from your home as quickly and as thoroughly as possible. Call us 24/7 at (508) 393-7898.

A Solution To Flood Damage In Grafton

3/27/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage A Solution To Flood Damage In Grafton Grafton Flood Damage and the Solution--SERVPRO

Too Much Water? Call SERVPRO to Resolve Damage from Flooding

Flooding on your property creates a unique situation for restoration technicians each and every time. Technicians often complete jobs in very different ways, even though providing you with a safe, clean environment remains as an ending goal.
If your Grafton area home receives flood damage after a common household accident involving a broken appliance, sewage line, drainage problems, broken fixtures, or even a natural disaster, each of these situations requires special attention and certified professionals to get the job done right.
You need someone, like SERVPRO that follows specific health and safety protocols set by the EPA and OSHA while communicating issues to your insurance company and providing you with the services necessary for getting everything back to normal as quickly and efficiently as possible.
After SERVPRO technicians locate and repair the water source causing the issue, we direct our attention to utilizing the latest water extraction equipment available in our industry. Tools such as hand-held and truck mounted water extractors make it possible to remove water from areas of all shapes and sizes. With submersible pumps used for areas where water exceeds two inches in depth.
We remove as much water as possible, making the entire drying process, using air movers and dehumidifiers even faster. SERVPRO removes any saturated materials that are beyond restoration and communicate any losses to all parties concerned throughout the entire process.
Your situation may call for some repairs, where technicians find it necessary to enter walls, under cabinetry, and other hard to reach areas where water can hide. SERVPRO IICRC certified technicians manage the entire situation, making it possible for you to avoid spending hours on the phone scheduling different contractors or specialists adding to the stress of the situation.
As each stage of your restoration finishes, cleaning and deodorization technicians make their way through to ensure your home returns to a quality pre-damage condition. Locating a recovery company you trust gives you access to technicians who care about your situation and provide you with solutions you can count on to recover quickly.
Give SERVPRO of Shrewsberry – Westborough a call when water makes its way into your home, obtain the services you deserve and get the information you need to come out on top. (508) 393-7898

Fire Damage in Grafton Results in Residues

3/14/2017 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire Damage in Grafton Results in Residues Residual Smoke and Odors in Grafton Get Help from SERVPRO

Residual Smoke, Soot, and Odors Are Vanquished by SERVPRO

The primary source of fire damage in most Massachusetts homes comes from smoke and soot residues. It is not as stark or violent, and most people do not realize just how damaging these residues are to their homes and property. They affect everything from divans to drywall and countertops to ceiling tiles.

Fire damage to a Grafton house, apartment, or condo requires professional restoration to return it to its pre-fire state. SERVPRO has developed an extensive list of cleaning procedures over decades of experience in the business to do just that.

Find and Identify - A response team member inspects the facility and all property inside to determine what residues are present. This inspection provides the data we need to develop a cleaning plan for your home. The inspector also pre-tests particular items to determine exactly which cleaners and equipment are required.

Vacuuming Dry Particles - Dry residues are powdery in nature and easily removed using a vacuum with a HEPA filter designed to capture smoke residue and even mold particles. Unless it smears a wet residue, technicians always try to vacuum up the element before applying a cleaner.

Dissolving Residues - Any residue that cannot be vacuumed or wiped away must be dissolved or loosened. This procedure allows the residue to be captured and removed. The type of surface covered by the residue determines which cleaner is used to prevent damage.

Capture and Remove - IICRC Certified technicians use cleaners and agitation devices to release residues and soil from the property and structural walls and floors. The cleaning solution suspends residue particles which are then vacuumed away and physically removed from your home.

Disposing Residues - We follow federal, state, and local requirements for disposal of all residual waste. No debris is ever disposed of on your property, down your sewer system, or into a nearby source of water. If there is a chance that a biohazard is present, we have qualified technicians that can handle any problem from asbestos abatement to lead paint clean up.

Restoring your home to a pre-fire condition is a privilege we take seriously. As a locally owned franchise, SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough is ready to help our fellow members of the community put their life back together. Call us at (508) 393-7898 today to get started with an inspection.

Crawlspaces can Harbor Microbes After Flood Damage has Affected Your Grafton Home

3/13/2017 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Crawlspaces can Harbor Microbes After Flood Damage has Affected Your Grafton Home Prevent a potential mold infestation by calling SERVPRO to thoroughly dry your house after flooding.

SERVPRO Technicians Thoroughly Dry Your Property After Damage

Water from flooding can continue to cause problems if all areas of your home are not returned to a dry condition. Often overlooked, or considered unimportant, SERVPRO knows that the crawlspace area is a potential area that often is the source of mold growths, bacterial colonies, and other possible risks.

Grafton homes that have existing or past flood damage should have any crawlspaces examined for signs of problems. These areas are often used to house water pipes, gas lines, and heating and cooling system vents.

Increased moisture can cause accelerated rusting of metal pipes and vents. If microbes such as mold are present in the crawlspace, air intake of your ventilation system can also bring them into your living space. Other pathogens such as viruses and bacteria can travel the same way.

SERVPRO technicians certified by the IICRC in ASD, or Applied Structural Drying, can install the necessary dehumidifiers, air blowers, and heaters, even in smaller crawlspaces, to rapidly reduce the amount of humidity. We do this work in addition to the typical flood damage restoration carried out after flood damage exists. Without it, our job would not be complete.

Because crawlspaces are the lowest part of your home, excluding any basement or cellar areas, and they are also located on the exterior part of your home, flood damage on the crawlspace's interior can be extensive. Smaller animals, sewage, fluids from vehicles, and garbage are often washed in by the flood and then left behind, trapped by the walls. We remove this debris when we find it, so your crawlspace is once again as it should be, dry, and also clean.

To keep it dry and less likely to allow mold and bacteria to grow, we can install a dehumidifier, lay down plastic protective sheeting to keep humidity from seeping up from the ground, and paint a mold inhibitor on the crawlspace's interior.

We at SERVPRO of Shrewsbury / Westborough are always ready to bring your home back to how it should be after a flood or any other disaster. We can be reached any day of the week, day or night, by calling (508) 393-7898.