Recent Before & After Photos

Water Damage – Shrewsbury Hotel

Water damage to this Shrewsbury hotel’s dining room took place when the water main line burst. Water was deposited on the entire dining room floor. The fl... READ MORE

Fire & Smoke Damage Resulting from a Mishap in Grafton

Fortunately, there was no structural damage needing costly and messy replacement. The Pressure cooker exploded resulting in some ignition of grease that stained... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage – Shrewsbury Medical Facility

Commercial water damage at this Shrewsbury medical facility was the result of the sprinkler system activating accidentally. The management of the establishment ... READ MORE

Westborough Washing Machine and Mold Damage

The washing machine's drainage hose failed and soaked the wall cavity in this Westborough house. It went unnoticed or ignored for several weeks allowing a nasty... READ MORE

Shrewsbury Storm Results in Damage

The chimney flashing did not withstand the strong winds from a storm. Rainwater leaked into the attic crawl and soaked the insulation and the rafters. The first... READ MORE

Water Damage – Shrewsbury Office

Water damage at this Shrewsbury law office occurred when a bathroom water supply line burst during the night and deposited nearly an inch of water on the office... READ MORE

Grafton Extensive Bedroom Fire Damage

The converted attic into a bedroom was done by the homeowner without regard to electrical codes. The result is a significantly fire damaged room. We removed the... READ MORE

Commercial Water Damage - Shrewsbury

Commercial water damage occurred at this Shrewsbury office building due to a plumbing failure. The water damage to the carpeting can be seen in the before photo... READ MORE

Stormy Weather in Shrewsbury

This basement in Shrewsbury was covered in rainwater from a deluge. The small drain became blocked at its cover and failed to evacuate the water. The standing w... READ MORE

Restoring a Complicated Water Damaged Bedroom in Grafton

The winter snows, thaws, and rains led to foundation shifting in this Grafton home. The cracks become significant enough to allow groundwater seepage into the p... READ MORE